In addition to an unrivalled network of influential diplomatic and political contacts, the IPTI team includes several internationally-renowned experts in key law enforcement fields, including training for special services; community policing; race and diversity policing; crime measurement; hate crimes and homicide.

Please feel free to download one of our initial collection of research papers, to familiarize yourself with the calibre of leadership thinking and training championed by the IPTI:

  1. Establishing the statistical relationship between population size and UCR crime rate: Its impact and implications [PDF]
  2. Effective Crime Reduction Strategies: International Perspectives [PDF]
  3. Estimating the Impact of Classification Error on the ‘‘Statistical Accuracy’’ of Uniform Crime Reports [PDF]
  4. An Analysis of Factors that Affect Law Enforcement Participation in Hate Crime Reporting [PDF]
  5. Learning to See Hate Crimes: A Framework for Understanding and Clarifying Ambiguities in Bias Crime Classification [PDF]
  6. Policing Hate Crimes: A Comprehensive Law Enforcement Response to Human Rights Violations in the OSCE Region [PDF]
  7. Policing the Platonic Cave: Ethics and Efficacy in Police Training [PDF]
  8. Radicalization in Light of the Developments in Egypt: Challenges to Effective International Cooperation [PDF]
  9. Situational Policing: Neighbourhood Development and Crime Control [PDF]
  10. Amélioration des Mesures de la Criminalité: Ajustements sur l’échantillon des données policières sur la criminalité [PDF]
  11. The Hate Crime Statistics Act of 1990: Developing a Method for Measuring the occurrence of Hate Violence [PDF]
  12. Toolkit on Police Integrity – courtesy of The Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF) [PDF]
  13. From Vice Cop to Sociology Prof: A Long Journey to a Familiar Place [PDF]