Foundation Documents

International Police Training Institute Foundation


Due to the re-evaluation of security, it has become evident that further developments can only be achieved under secure circumstances. Borderless global criminality and citizens’ sophisticated understanding of security has resulted in serious challenges for the state and non-governmental organizations. Preventive programmes therefore provide an appropriate environment for applying modern tools and methods.

The co-operation of international law enforcement organizations is influenced and impacted by elements such as the diversity of solutions applied, national specialties and varied styles of approach which have ultimately become sources of difficulty. Insufficient human and material resources often hinder the work of state and non-governmental organizations.

International police co-operation often begins with training, which can then lead to an exchange of experiences and key joint activities.

Based on the above rationale, the undersigned Founder decided to form the Foundation by right of Ptk. 74. section A-F. and the Act CLVI of 1997 on Non-Profit Organizations.


Founder: Dr. Janza Frigyes

In case of incapacity or death, rights of the Founder are assigned to Dr. Farkas István

Name of the Foundation: Nemzetközi Rendészeti Oktatási Intézet Alapítvány
Abbreviated name of the Foundation:
IPTI Alapítvány
Foreign (English) name of the Foundation:
International Police Training Institute Foundation
Foreign abbreviated name of the Foundation
Headquarters of the Foundation:
1126 Budapest, Böszörményi út 21.


Purpose and designated activity of the Foundation:

The Foundation intends to build international fields of co-operation for affected states and non-governmental organizations, intended to achieve appropriate solutions related to public security. Together with the FBI NAA, the Foundation aims to contribute to improvements in security.


Activity of the Foundation:

The Foundation is a non-profit, public interest organization.
Due to Act CLVI of 1997, section 26. (c)., the Foundation’s public welfare activities include the following:

  • Scientific activities and research
  • Academic instruction and education; personal development and dissemination of knowledge
  • Protection of human and civil rights
  • Protection of public order and traffic safety; voluntary fire fighting; rescue and disaster preparedness, and response activities
  • Promotion of the country’s Euro-Atlantic integration
  • Crime prevention and victim protection

Other activities:

The Foundation conducts entrepreneurial activities solely in the interest of, and without jeopardizing, its public welfare objectives.

The organization does not distribute business profits, but rather utilizes such profits for the activities defined in its Constitution.

The organization is not involved in direct political activity, furthermore it is independent from and does not provide financial aid to political parties.

The Foundation has an official website on which their report on public welfare activities shall be published yearly, according to Act CLVI of 1997, section 19. (5).


Usage of designated property assets

Seed funding for the Foundation is 100.000 Ft., deposited by the Founder.

Property assets of the Foundation shall only be used for expenditures generated by designated activities.

Liquid assets of the Foundation shall be held in a bank account.

Revenues of the Foundation:

  • Contributions and donations received from its founder, from the subsystems of the state budget or from any other sponsor of its public welfare objectives, or to cover operating expenses
  • Contributions and donations from individuals
  • Subsidies from tenders
  • Subsidies from the local authority
  • Allocations and subsidies from international organizations
  • Revenues from offering the 1 % income tax
  • Service counter-value
  • Programme financing


Management of the Foundation

The representative and decisive body of the Foundation shall be the Board of Trustees, which consists of a Chairperson and two members. The Chairperson of the Board of Trustees is appointed and assigned by the Founder.

Cessation of legal relationship of the members shall occur in case of:

–       death
–       written resignation
–       revocation by the Founder, if the activity of the Board of Trustees endangers the designation of the Foundation
–       cessation of the Foundation.


Members of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees:

Chair: Dr. Boda József
Mr. Kim Walter Derry
Dr. Janza Frigyes Founder


Representation of the Foundation:

The Foundation is represented individually by the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees at the court and authorities. The Chairperson proceeds in the name of the Board of Trustees.

The Board of Trustees assigns a binominal directorate for executing business affairs. They are authorized to represent the Foundation in certain areas as defined by the Board of Trustees.


Members of the Executive Directorate:

Director: James Victor Cecil Brown
Deputy Director
: Dr. Zsolt Molnár

Usage of the Foundation’s bank account shall be possible only with the signature of both members of the Board of Directors.


Duties of the Board of Trustees:

The Board of Trustees is responsible for augmenting and handling the Foundation’s property assets, for making appropriate decisions concerning designated activities and for making all necessary arrangements. The Board of Trustees shall decide on inviting tenders, on choosing organizations or people for support, on awarding scholarships etc.

The Board of Trustees shall make decisions with full recognition of the interests of Hungarian foreign policy and affairs and thus, if necessary, shall seek the opinion of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Financial Supervision Board

This body has been appointed to supervise the operations and financial affairs of the Foundation. It consists of a chairperson and one member.


Members of the Financial Supervision Board

Chairperson: Maureen McVey

Deputy Chair: Dr. Attila Paragi

An individual cannot be either chairperson or a member of the financial supervision board:

  • Who is chairperson or a member of the Board of Trustees;
  • Who is employed by the non-profit foundation to perform work other than his/her official duties, or is in any other work-related legal relationship unless otherwise provided by law;
  • Who benefits from a designated provision of the non-profit foundation, not including a non-pecuniary service provided to and used by anyone without restriction and a designated provision provided, by virtue of membership, by a non-governmental organization to its members in accordance with its instrument of constitution;
  • Who is related to any of the persons described in the above sections.

The Financial Supervision Board shall hold a session in the event of necessity, and at least once per year. Its desicions can be considered valid provided both members are present.

Sessions of the Financial Supervision Board shall be public and recorded.

The Financial Supervision Board is authorized to demand reports and information from the Board of Trustees and Board of Directors.


Reporting Regulations

The Foundation shall prepare a report on public welfare activities simultaneously upon approval of the annual report. Approval of the report on public welfare activities shall fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the Board of Trustees.

Reports on public welfare activities shall contain the following:

  • accounting report
  • utilization of budgetary subsidies
  • statement on the utilization of property assets
  • statement on designated provisions
  • amounts of subsidies received from budgetary organs, off-budget state funds, local governments or associations of community local governments, or from agencies of any such
  • value or amount of any remuneration extended to senior officers of the non-profit organization
  • brief description of welfare activities.


Other provisions

The Foundation is responsible for any damage caused by the Board of Trustees or their representatives during their work.

Certain terms which are not regulated in the present Founding Document shall be dealt with under Ptk. 74. sections A-F and Act CLVI of 1997 on Non- Profit Organizations.

The Foundation shall come into existence after being registered by the Capital Court of Justice.