Special Topics in Policing


Human trafficking and child exploitation

Human trafficking can range from indentured labour, through to sexual exploitation through to harvesting human organs from trafficked children. Nations from which trafficking victims are taken, transit nations through which victims pass and host nations… [more]

Managing victims of crime

Victims are frequently lost in the police and criminal justice system, when they are the very people that the police need to support. This program examines how to speak to the victims of crime, including such complexities as victims of sexual assaults, child victims, and cultural… [more]

Financial crimes

Local frauds through to trans-national financial crimes hurt individuals, communities and nations. Courses in this area examine current trends, investigative tools and resources for financial crime investigators and all aspects including money laundering … [more]

Hate crime

Course content under development. [more]

Drug trafficking

Course content under development. [more]

Post conflict

Course content under development. [more]