Science and Intelligence Courses


Forensic science

This program area examines all the aspects of scientific examination of crime scenes, criminals and victims. This ranges from evidence identification at a crime scene, through detection, collection and analysis of marks, to their interpretation and a forensic intelligence … [more]

Intelligence-led policing

This model focuses on the gathering of information from many sources, and through effective analysis, allows for the development of actionable intelligence which in turn allows police leaders to guide police actions and deployment of resources… [more]

Courses in police intelligence

Recognizing the difference between raw information and the development of intelligence is critical to this program. Intelligence development requires analysts to bring together various data or information elements or difference weight and validity, and to… [more]

Problem-oriented policing

This may represent a sub-set of intelligence-led policing; Problem-oriented policing directs service delivery staff to identify problems within the community, and develop collaborative strategies to solve them…. [more]