Meet The Team


Dr Frigyes Janza, Major General (retired)

Dr Janza is the former Director General of the Hungarian Ministry of the Interior’s Education Department, and an internationally-renowned police education specialist with more than 40 years experience of law enforcement training and mentoring. He currently serves as the Ministry of the Interior’s representative on the Board of the newly-established Public Service University.  [DDET Read more…]

One of Hungary’s most decorated senior police officers, he counts the Cross of Merit of the Republic of Hungary, St Georg Merit, Loyalty to the Homeland Grand Cross, and Honorary Associate Professor among approximately 20 career awards.

His life-long commitment to learning includes ‘cum laude’ postgraduate qualifications in philosophy, administration and policing, in addition to founding the Ministry of Interior’s Scientific Council and Mounted Police Forces; serving as editorial committee member of the Law Enforcement Journal and Hungarian Administration Journals; and founding the Independent Dysplasia Committee.

Areas of particular expertise include special identifications, physical-mental context of learning, drug-related crimes, ethics, human rights and equal opportunities, crime prevention and learning strategies.[/DDET]



Brigadier General Dr József Boda

Director General of the Hungarian Special Service for National Security (SSNS) and former chair of the European Police Academy (CEPOL), József Boda is a 35-year veteran of international law enforcement with unrivalled expertise in the areas of counter-terrorism, technical support and intelligence services. He has played pivotal roles in missions from Cambodia to Mozambique and the Sinai-peninsula, as well as Bosnia-Herzegovina, Georgia and Kosovo, Azerbaijan and Afghanistan.  [DDET Read more…]

In addition to a decades-long commitment to mentoring scores of military and police personnel, he has served as the Hungarian Director of ILEA (the International Law Enforcement Academy) and is a frequent presenter at major European law enforcement conferences, as well as a former director general of the International Training and Civilian Crisis Management Centre in Budapest.[/DDET]

Kim Derry


Mr Kim Derry

Former Deputy Chief of the Toronto Police Service, Kim Derry is a graduate of the criminal justice and administration program at Quantico: FBI Academy, University of Virginia as well as the Police Leadership Program based at the University of Toronto, Rotman School of Business Management. He is a multiple-decorated senior officer, awarded the Governor General of Canada’s Investiture of the Order of Merit of the Police Forces. His unrivalled policing expertise spans approximately 40 years of service, [DDET Read more…] where he has excelled in sensitive leadership roles including crime prevention and anti-violence; youth education; situational policing; ethnic community relations; workplace harassment and police standards, as well as business-critical areas such as business process re-engineering and management accountability. [/DDET]


Mr James Brown
Executive Director

Jim Brown brings over 30 years of active, strategic police expertise, having served in many highly-sensitive front-line policing roles as well as in training; policy
analysis; business analysis and program development. [DDET Read more…]

He has also served as Deputy Program Director for a pivotal program for International Law Enforcement Officers operated by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), in central and Eastern Europe, between 2004 and 2008.[/DDET]


Lt. Col. Dr. Zsolt Molnár
Deputy Executive Director

Based at the IPTI headquarters in Budapest, Lt. Col. Molnar is the head of training of Special Service for National Security in Hungary. Dr. Molnár has more than 20 years service in the Hungarian National Police and is the former director of the Crime Prevention Academy in Budapest. He is also Deputy Chair of the Working Group on Learning for the European Police College (CEPOL), and an internationally-recognized expert and trainer on community policing models on which he has lectured extensively from Kabul to Baku.


Dr Tim Parsons (Chief Inspector – Retired)
Program Development and Delivery

Tim Parsons adds over 30 years of experience, gained with the City of London Police in areas ranging from front line to tactical operations. A lecturer at the Metropolitan University of London, he is a world authority on race and diversity policing and has lectured extensively across Europe and Africa on these and related topics.


Dr Jim Nolan
Curriculum Development

Jim Nolan was formerly chief of the Crime Analysis, Research and Development Unit of the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division, and is a 1992 FBI National Academy graduate. He is an associate professor at West Virginia University where he lectures on crime, criminality, social control and hate crimes. A widely-published subject expert, his research focuses on police procedures, crime measurement, hate crimes and homicide.

John Howley


Mr John Howley
Grants and Funding

John Howley is a highly-respected provider of human services professional development in the Province of Ontario, who has served as Director of Curriculum Design in international police training on hate crimes, and is currently principal of Labour Market Partners Inc. in Canada. His work encompasses community capacity building and labour market development in both large municipal centres and remote Aboriginal communities.

Ms Maureen McVey, CBAP

Maureen McVey, CBAP (Certified Business Analysis Professional) – Head of Learning and Development at the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) – brings a wealth of commercial acumen and mastery of business systems and management processes, gained over 15 years in the specialist field of business analysis. [DDET Read more…]

Her unstinting commitment to training and professionalism extends to acting as course leader for international business analysis courses held in South Africa, Brazil and Singapore as well as in Canada and the USA, through which she has trained more than 5,000 business analysts in addition to her role as founder member of the International Institute of Business Analysis.[/DDET]



Dr Attila Paragi
Deputy Chair

A trained lawyer and skilled litigator, Attila Paragi is an experienced consumer protection specialist based at the Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority (PSZÁF) in Budapest. In addition to shrewd litigation, retortion and negotiating skills, and knowledge of internal governance and compliance, Dr Paragi brings specialist commercial expertise gained in international telecommunications, and international business language interpreting.